I am an enthusiastic Dutch computer science student at the University of Amsterdam, now in my 3rd year. I'm very passionate about cryptography, web development, computer graphics and machine learning.

I started running my own validator node for Radix because I've been following the project for over three years, and I really wanted to get involved. Not only that, but I also think it's fun to maintain the node, and it's a great opportunity to learn even more about the Radix protocol and Linux system administration in general. To make these efforts maintainable and build a fitting brand around the node, I founded Leaf Node.

Next to my studies and running the node, I am a developer in the Ociswap core team, which is responsible for the development of Ociswap, one of the biggest DEXes on Radix with millions of total value locked.

If you're interested in hearing the things I say every now and then, or want to connect, you can find me here: